Chizhou University Enrollment Brochure for International Students

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Chizhou University Enrollment Brochure for International Students


International students with diploma of senior high school or higher, who are healthy and willing to follow laws and decrees of China and Chizhou University’s rules and regulations.


2.1 BA programs: Applicants should be from 18 years old to 40, with diploma of senior high school or higher.Provided applicants have studied in other universities, some courses may be excused after confirmation and studying duration should be at least two years.

2.2 Chinese language programs: Applicants should be from 18 years old to 40, with diploma of senior high school or higher.

3. Application Documents

 3.1 Application form;

 3.2 Warranty( warranting from Chinese citizens is needed);

 3.3 Hard copy of diploma and transcript

4. Application,Examination, Admission and Term-beginning Time

  4.1 Applicants can demand Application Form for International Students from Chizhou University International Affairs Office and post it back after filling it 3 months before the commencement of each term with application fee, photos and application documents mentioned above. University would give a formal reply within 20 days since receiving documents (subject to the postmark).

4.2 Applicants for BA programs should come to Chizhou University to take the entrance examination according to the time given by notice, usually in June.(Applicants for Chinese language major do not need to take the examination)

4.3 Admitted students will receive the following documents: Chizhou University Admission Letter, 202/201 form issued by Education Ministry of China. They should take both and medical examination report to Chinese embassies or consulates to apply for visa.

4.3.1 One year or over one year students should apply for X visa;

4.3.2 Half a year or less than half a year students shoudl apply for X or F visa;

4.3.3 According to China’s laws, L visa holder can not be enrolled;

4.3.4 Students should go to police to apply for resident permit within 30 days since entering China.

4.4 Semester

Spring semester: 1st March to 15th July;

Autumn semester: 1st September to 15th January
5. Short-term Chinese Class

5.1 Short-term class( at least 10 people) can be organized.

5.2 Individual learner can come any time and study in corresponding class with consideration on their Chinese proficiency.


Students should come to Chizhou University for registration in accordance to the time specified by their admission letter, with 202/201 form and the original copy of their health examination record. In case students cannot come to register on time, they should submit application to Chizhou University International Students Office beforehand.If they are overdue for more than two weeks without an acceptable reason, their admission will be canceled.

Related expenses:

School sundry fees

    Specialty: Chinese

    Category:BA program

    Duration: 4 years

    Tuition fee: $2,600 per year

    Application fee: $50

    Registration fee: $20 per semester

Category: advanced studies

Duration:1-3 years

Tuition fee: $2,500 per year

   Application fee: $50

   Registration fee: $20 per semester

Category: short-term study

Duration:4 weeks,5 weeks,8 weeks,18 weeks

Tuition fee: $330    $395   $590  $1,250

   Application fee: $50

Accommodation expenses

Double room:$4-4.5 per capita per day;

Single room: $6-15 per capita per day.


School sundry fees should be paid according to academic year. If it is difficult, students can pay by semester after getting approval from international students office. Accommodation expenses can be paid by academic year or semester.

After registration, students who drop out within one week can get all expenses back,or half of all expenses within four weeks. Expenses will not be returned if it is over four weeks.

In case of dropping out,application should be done 60 days earlier, or two-month accommodation expenses will be charged.

as to classes whose duration is less than 10 weeks, students can get half of all expenses back if they drop out within one week after registration, or no money will be returned. Duration of 10 weeks or over will refer to the above clause 2 and 3.

If students have special demand on courses, expenses will be discussed otherwise.

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