About us

    Established in 1977, Chizhou University, which is located on the outskirts of Chizhou city in Anhui province, was originally named officially as the Chizhou Normal Junior College in 1980. Joined by both the former Chizhou Industry School in 1999 and former Anhui Economy & Trade School in 2002, the university has earned its promotion to a full-time 4-year provincial school with the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2007.

    Covering an area of 1,959 square kilometers, with a building area of nearly 91 acres (about 37 hectares), Chizhou University has possessed 80.95 million RMB (about $12-million) worth of instruments and other equipment for teaching & research purposes, around 800,000 textbooks & another 800,000 e-books, almost 2,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign journals, and is the only university in Anhui province owning an open-circuit television (TV) station. The university also has 637 full-time teachers, of which 615 are holding doctorates and/or master degrees, 45 professors, 147 associate-professors, two provincial academy & technology foregoers, ten provincial honourable teachers and 16 provincial up-and-coming youngsters.

    Chizhou University is offering education for over 15,000 full-time students with 15 teaching institutions, such as the Literature & Media School, Mathematics & Computer School, Foreign Studies School, Management & Law School, Tourism & History Culture School, Resource Environment School, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering School, Fine Arts & Design School, Chemistry & Materials School, Business School, Music & Education School, School of Physical Education, Marxism Institute, and the Continuing Education College. The university is running 56 undergraduate programs, with two national-level characteristic-programs (comprehensive-reform pilot programs), one provincial-level key discipline, 12 provincial characteristic-programs (comprehensive-reform pilot programs). Besides, there are six provincial new-development programs, eight provincial teaching teams, and another 25 provincial competitive courses.

    Chizhou University has a provincial key research base of humanities and social sciences, one sole-duty research institute: South-Anhui Folk-Custom Culture & Tourism Development Research Center, and 15 university-level research centers. The past three years has seen 220 teaching & scientific research projects from Anhui province or above levels (among which 125 were scientific research projects) undertaken by Chizhou University, including six national social sciences and natural science funded projects, 27 horizontal projects, with 1,029 papers published publicly of which 83 contained by S.C.I. (Systemics, Cybernetics & Informatics) or E.I. (Engineering Information), 154 by C.S.S.C.I. (Chinese Social Science Citation Index) or C.S.C.D. (Coupling-Strength-Control Defect), around 50 books (including textbooks) published, about 60 national patents approved by the government, and the university has won 52 scientific research awards granted by the provincial or national government, and another 35 provincial teaching achievement prizes.

    The education philosophy of Chizhou University is to take students’ growth as its foundation, and its proper application as a priority, so that it works together with the education and teaching reform with the national outside-school practice base, four provincial demonstration centers for experimental purposes and training, nine provincial school-enterprise co-operation practice bases, a provincial experimental area on personnel training-mode innovation, five provincial outstanding talents cultivational programs, and a provincial teaching ability development center for application-orientation teachers. In the meantime, the university has successfully applied for 271 national university-student training programs on innovation and start-up of their own businesses, and another 589 provincial ones. Students’ performance has proven successful with 384 awards won in professional competitions in the last three years alone, like the Challenge Cup, Mathematical Modeling, Robots' Megagame, English Speech Contests, etc. The university has also achieved the title of "University Graduates Employment Model" many times thoughout the years in Anhui province.

    Chizhou University adheres to the local, open and applied orientation of university conduct & procedures, as well as the "distinctive new applied universities" protocol as the direction of development, while adhering to the service of local economic and social development, active proximity, active integration, active service to local economic and social development. The university, in co-operation with the Chizhou Brigade Commission, presides over the completion of the "Chizhou Rural Tourism Development Plan" and "Chizhou Tourism Line & Product Integration Planning", along with additional preparational tasks.

    In the past three years, more than 200 agreements have been signed for the university, city and province co-operation.

    With localization & openness as a broader application for a new orientation, Chizhou University always offers service for the local economy and societal development in an active way, aiming to be a newly built application university with distinct features. Working with the Tourism Committee of Chizhou city, the university has accomplished some planning tasks, like Chizhou City Development Planning for Village Tourism, Tourism Routes and Products Integrating & Planning, etc. Recently, it has signed about 200 co-operation agreements with local government, companies, and other schools.

    Seated on the outskirts of Chizhou, "the skyscraper city", the university offers mainly service for Anhui province. The university is trying to build a multi-program faceted developing pattern, with the leading program, like tourism, integrated deeply through history and culture, electronic material-based engineering, big data and comprehensive health. Taking comprehensive tourism as its strong point, this program gives priority to application subjects to develop several distinctive program directions compared with other similar universities in Anhui province.

    Chizhou University is always thinking of opening-up, and has established exchange & co-operation relationships with many universities all-around the world, such as South Korea, the United States, Canada, Malaysia and many others, among which the signing of a co-operation framework agreement with Taiwan Shih Chien University and Lunghua University of Science and Technology, as well as co-operation and exchange agreement with Gyeongin National University of Education and Hanseo University of South Korea, and a 2+2 co-operation agreement with the University of Regina, Canada.